Hokko Life is a life simulation game set in a small country side village where you befriend animals and build various things.

This is some concepts and UI mockups I did for it in 2018. Later I also designed the logo for the game. It's still in development at Wonderscope AB and being published by Team 17.

Here's a mix of key locations like a hair salon, train station, shop and some ordinary houses. We thought of the location as summertime in the countryside of Sweden, with some liberties.
Rough idea of the village layout.
Some ideas of what different animal villagers might look like and how they could be different by color.
I had a look at some of the game's UI, you will be able to craft different furniture and share if with other players, so first thing I did was think of some type of "trading card".
After working a bit on the game I was asked to come back to design the logo, below are some process pictures.