In this project I wanted to practice art direction on a hypothetical mobile game inspired by games like Mahjong or Candy Crush.
My goal was to find a theme that compliment the typical gameplay of such games, where chain reactions is common and the elements must be highly repeatable and allow for variation, bacteria or chemicals is a  fit I found that appropriate enough and let the wheel spin from there.
The playfield could be some kind of lab equipment, a microscope that present bacteria or chemicals on a grid to aid the scientist Dr Silver, the device is named after the scientist themselves.
I didn’t want to create the stereotypical scientist; an old man with gray hair like in Back to The Future or Rick & Morty. Instead I tried making a middle aged and gender neutral character.
Later I made the character sharper and gave them more believable facial features to move away from my own style a little bit.
I wanted the bacteria to have distinct silhouettes. This was especially important because I want to be able to combine blocks.
Some sketches of the logo. Originally the logo had round caps.