Jonas is an artist based in Sweden with experience in comics, video games and illustration. They recently graduated from Futuregames as a graphic artist with focus on UI & UX design, 3D modelling, animation and visual development such as storyboards, character and environment design. 
Space Deer and Us with plants on our heads is two appreciated webcomics where the former is still receiving the occasional update. At the moment they are working on a graphic novel called Plantland: Last & First, a longer story expected to start running in webform soon.
Send some text to if you wanna talk business, projects or collaborations. You can download my resumé here.
Past projects include:
Illustration in Indie Game Zine #1 sold on Fangamer
Short story in Uncle Grandpa #2 by BOOM Studios
Illustration in the Pokémon fanbook Pokémon Traveller
Artist on an educational Alfie Atkins game with Gro Play (release later this summer)
Poster for Webbhallen/Musikhjälpens charity stream 2017
Icons & vignettes for the games publisher Next2Indies
Writing and illustrating the graphic novel Empty Planet